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Add Ons
  • Classic Facial - $40

  • Microdermabrasion - $80

    • Classic facial with microdermabrasion for exfoliation.  A diamond microdermabrasion stimulates collagen production, lightens pigmentation, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, corrects stretch marks, balances sebum, smoothes uneven skin, and clears skin pores.  Your skin will feel like a baby's bottom.​

  • Blueberry Refining Acne Facial - $65

    • The blueberry enzyme is a powerful antioxidant. It digest dead skins cells and softens sebum during your facial. The antioxidants within the blueberries are a perfect anti-aging treatment that will create a healthy glow. The blueberry refining acne facial uses the high frequency wand to eliminate toxins and acne-causing bacteria.​

  • Supreme Collagen Facial - $65

  • Pumpkin-Orange Facial - $65

    • A brightening, lightening, tightening skincare ​treatment packed with Vitamins A & C.  This facial will reduce oil while you enjoy the wonderful smell of pumpkin and orange.

  • Purifying Seaweed Facial - $65

    • Calm and smooth your skin.  Seaweed is full of lipids, proteins, minerals, and vitamins which moisturize and nourish your skin.  The benefits include re-balancing, hydrating, cell-regeneration, detoxifying, purifying, and oxygenating your skin.​​

  • Pomegranate Facial - $50

    • Pomegranate is a powerful anti-oxidant which also brightens the skin.  It contains 11% lactic, 4% alpha-arbutin, and 2% salicylic acids.  Perfect for normal, aging, oily, or acneic skin.  It promotes deep hydration, reduces oiliness, and lightens skin from irregular pigmentation.​

  • Coconut-Papaya Sensitive Skin Facial - $50

    • Coconut and papaya enzymes dissolve dead skin cells revealing healthy, soft, skin. The small molecular structure of coconut allows for easy absorption through the skin giving it a soft, smooth texture.  This facial is great for all skin types.​

  • Men's Facial - $50

  • Lactic Chemical Peel - $20

  • Glycolic Chemical Peel - $20

  • TCA Chemical Peel - $30

  • Cranberry Peel - $20

  • Peppermint Scalp Massage - $10

  • Hand Treatment - $10

  • Aromatherapy - $10

  • Lip and Eye Treatment - $15

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